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If you're thinking of exhibiting at one of our wedding shows (and if you're in the wedding industry, that's exactly what you should be thinking), you're probably wondering who we are, why you should invest and what makes us any different to other companies that organise wedding fairs. Well, this is where I tell you all about it.


I say 'we' a lot - we is in fact, me, Lottie (Charlotte). 

My business name comes from my beloved grandmother, Lily, who continues to be an inspiration to me, and my family despite her passing many years ago. Lottie, is what my Dad calls me, though most folks call me Char - you can call me whatever you like, but try and keep it friendly.

I started working in the wedding industry in 2014, designing handcrafted wedding stationery and I was fortunate enough to win The Dorset Wedding Supplier Awards Wedding Stationer category in 2015. I've created wedding stationery for couples all over the UK and love the artistic aspect of my work, the stationery has evolved but continues on a reduced scale to this day. So when I say, I'm in this with you, I really am. 

I've exhibited at wedding fairs (and still do) and experienced highs and lows with them. I know what it's like to work with couples and the journey you take with them as they lead up to their wedding day. I've taken part in, and organised styled shoots, submitted to blogs and magazines (and been lucky enough to be published in quite a lot). I know what it means to be in the wedding industry.

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As I've mentioned, I've exhibited at wedding shows (or fairs, showcases or, shudder - fayres) and having had some pretty poor experiences at some, for fairly sizeable fees, I took it upon myself to change things up. Starting with bringing a wedding showcase to my home town of Sturminster Newton, Dorset in 2017.

Since that showcase, we've gone on to organise Dorset's largest one-day wedding show with East Dorset Wedding Show, in 2020 we're bringing the first LGBTQ+ focused wedding show to Dorset and continuing to expand our unique and independent wedding shows throughout the South West & South Coast.

We focus on creating a diverse, informative and inspirational wedding show to benefit both exhibitors and couples alike.

At each of our shows, couples can peruse a wide range of information boards to empower them in their planning, a decor inspiration area to help inspire them and all of our incredible exhibitors to make it all come together for them. That is at every one of our shows.

We've gone all out on decor, creating our own catwalk and fashion show backdrop and decoration, exclusively to fit our vibe, whilst displaying gorgeous wedding-wear of course.


We love bragging about the excellence of our exhibitors so our marketing is personal, effective and plentiful. 


Along with our much-loved promotional shout-outs leading up to the show, you get a huge amount of additional marketing as standard that many other companies just don't offer. For example; -

  • Company Details in the Show Guide
    Our show guides are given to every couple, at every show and feature loads of useful tips and information so we get great retention of this handy resource. You can also opt to purchase advertising space within.


  • Competitions
    Speaking of the Show Guide, for each edition, we run a Front Cover Star Competition where you/your business can feature on the front cover - you get loads of extra promotion on social media just by becoming a finalist and the winner, gets the front cover spot. 


  • Show Day Opportunities
    Take part in our fashion show or inspiration area - you get loads more exposure and photos of your work on the day.

Many of our wedding shows for the 2020/2021 financial year are brand new and so we don't have exact statistics and footfall to share with you just now but we've never seen fewer than 80 couples through our doors at any of our shows, even the first one.

If you would like to know more, you can either grab an Exhibitor Media Pack, or drop us a line - we're super friendly and happy to help with any questions you might have.

Photograph: Godley Photographic

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